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Founded in 2015 by arts photographer Frances Marshall and musicologist Dr Emer Nestor, Final Note Magazine comes at a time when the performing arts industry is fighting to hold its place within the cultural and intellectual landscape of the 21st century. Our ethos is to celebrate the work and artistry of individuals who are leading the field in their respective areas of expertise. By providing a platform for the many voices of the classical music spectrum, Final Note Magazine gives performers, composers, musicologists, teachers, conductors, directors, producers, instrument makers, sound engineers, administrators and all those involved ‘behind-the-scenes’, the opportunity to tell their stories. In doing so, we will all collectively illustrate the value of classical music within today’s busy, technology-driven world, and hopefully nurture the aspirations of future talent.

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Frances Marshall

Co-founder and Photographer

Frances Marshall is a talented Irish woman who, through her singular talent and passion for fellow classical artists, is set to be the most important photographer of classical musicians in the known universe!

                          — Acclaimed Conductor Eimear Noone

Having originally set out as a soprano and teacher of Music and English, Frances is deeply passionate about the promotion of classical music both at home and abroad. She holds an MA in Musicology, and a BA in Music and English from Maynooth University (NUIM). Her Postgraduate Diplomas in Education, and Education Aggression Studies, were awarded from Trinity College Dublin. Frances's main musicological interests lie within the fields of Handelian Opera, and the Castrati singers of the Renaissance and Baroque Eras. Her eclectic repertoire embraces works from the genres of Early Music, Lute Song, Celtic Music, Musical Theatre, Pop and Contemporary Classical Music. Frances was also a member of the infamous Irish vocal ensemble, Anúna.

With over 10 years of experience in the photography business, Frances is constantly in demand for her stunning imagery by artists the world over. Publications to date include: COSMOPOLITAN (UK), GRAZIA, VOGUE (Italia), Irish Examiner, Irish Times, Sunday Business Post, and The Irish Independent.

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